May 19, 2015

Favorite House Plant - Orchids!


Hey guys, guess what - I have a new favorite house plant!  It's the always exotic & beautiful orchid.  I've actually never bought them before because I've heard they can be difficult to maintain and I do not have a green thumb.  Well so far so good, because the orchid that I picked up from Home Depot a few weeks ago is alive and well ;)  Time will tell but so far it's been very easy to maintain.  Per the helpful Garden Center employee, I was told to lay two ice cubes below the leaves in the pot once per week.  Now that I can do!!

Okay I am fully aware that this is not the watering method most orchid enthusiasts recommend.  However, I was told they can live for years like this so I'm giving it a shot!  I figure if it dies, I can always buy another and water it the conventional way.

Here's my new orchid below...

Today I thought it would be fun to share more pictures and inspirations of my new found love for orchids.  All images sourced from my favorite place for Design Inspiration...Houzz!    

Ahhh, I am in LOVE with this flowering plant and for so many reasons.  I love colorful orchids because they add a fun pop of color to any space.  And the white ones look great either in monochromatic spaces, or they contrast nicely against dark painted walls.  Orchids make perfect dining room centerpieces and look beautiful in entryways or even bathrooms. They are so can put them almost anywhere in your home!  

Just remember to put them in areas that have plenty of light (not direct).   Also do not water them too much, as this will lead to root rot.  Interesting but orchids in nature don't grow in soil.  But rather they grow on other objects, like bark or stone for example.  

Okay for even more great info on how to successfully maintain orchids click here.

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May 13, 2015

Modern Deck Makeover - plans!


Hey guys, I'm so excited!  We're giving our 25 year old deck a full on Makeover and this new outdoor space is sure to add comfort and style to our classic brick home.  Here's the Design Board (plan) below...

 If you'll remember a few weeks ago I shared our screened porch refresh...

So once the screened porch was updated with new pillows and accessories,  I turned my attention to our deck and just wasn't feelin' the space anymore.  Even my hubby agreed.  The deck just wasn't connecting with our screened porch, and the deck boards were ruined from 25 years of sun exposure and foot traffic.

So we ripped up the old deck boards and left the main structure and railings in tact as they are still in good condition and structurally sound.  My plan is to stain the deck boards a dark brown and paint the railings and spindles the color of the trim on our house, a light cream.

Here's a simple inspiration photo I found on Pinterest...

If you'll look at the Before picture of our old deck, we just never used the space.  The table was clunky and heavy and it was awkward for the person sitting in the corner.  So I said to my husband one day - we really just need a simple space where we can relax and read the paper on Sunday mornings, or have a cocktail in the evenings while grilling.

Then it hit me, an outdoor sectional sofa would be PERFECT nestled right in the corner of the deck!  It would save space, and offer the clean and modern lines I love so much.  In fact I saw this picture below on Pinterest and was totally inspired...

This sectional above is from Ikea, and I like it.  But I wanted the brown wicker to be darker and have more depth.   Here's the affordable sectional I found on-line from good ole' Tar-jay.  We purchased it with an ottoman and without an end piece.  So the sectional will be much smaller than shown here.  And the Reviews were excellent.  I love the color of the all weather wicker, as well as the clean lines and neutral cushions.

And here's one more look at the Design Board below I made for this space!  We've got examples of our existing ferns that flank the entrance to the screened porch.  I'll use a few of the PB Cabana Striped Pillows for contrast.  And color!  I plan to use an eclectic mix of PB pillows in colorful oranges, corals and deeper reds.

Okay guys, I am seriously so excited for this new outdoor space!  My husband has already ripped out the old boards - took him two full days!  Then we hired a wonderful neighbor, friend and handyman to lay the new boards.  And now we're staining the new deck boards ourselves which, with all this rain, is slowly but surely coming together.

And when the deck is finished, I will share it here!  So stay tuned guys.  And if you stop by every now and again to check out our client projects, design and Diy adventures...thank you!  This little place on the Internet is very much my creative place.  And being creative makes me happy :)

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May 6, 2015

Review - Canvaspop!


Hey guys, I'm so excited to share a Review with you today from the one and only...Canvaspop!  I have been wanting to put one of my favorite family photos onto a gallery wrapped canvas for a while now.  But wasn't sure which company to use.  Well Canvaspop is the one because their quality and customer service are amazing! 

Now if you've not heard of this company let me fill you in - with Canvaspop you can put any photo onto canvas or have it framed.  And their canvas prints and framed prints are handmade by real people, I love that!  They were even the first company to have Instagram and Facebook photo printing available, very innovative.  Here's the photo I chose to have printed...

I just uploaded this photo above in .jpg format from my home computer, chose the size I wanted and the framing option.  I personally love the modern look of the gallery wrapped option.

Then a week later my packaged print arrived in the mail.  It was that easy!

And here's my new gallery wrapped canvas sitting pretty at the top of our bonus room back staircase.  I love it!  And theirs room above for one more landscape style print.  Yes two prints stacked vertically here will be perfect :)

And to give you more perspective this staircase leads to our bonus/media family room, so the vibrant colors in this canvas really work well in this space!

If you've been wanting to make a few of your favorite photos into Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints then Canvaspop online is the place to GO!  You'll find quality prints, and incredible customer service.  Okay for our readers only Canvaspop has created a discount code for 35% off any one order, Wahoo!  The code is...  FABULOUS3 5 

Offer expires June 30th, 2015 and cannot be combined with any other discounts.  Code is valid in Canada and the US only.

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April 27, 2015

A Screened Porch Refresh (reveal)...


Hey guys, we power washed our screened porch over the week-end and I'm finally ready to share pictures of this space all freshened up for Spring!  If you'll remember I wanted to give our screened porch a new look with a few new well chosen accessories.  

Here's my inspiration photo below....

Yup, I saw these Pottery Barn Awning Striped Pillows and was smitten!  So here's our screened porch all gussied up for warm weather relaxing and entertaining too.

These candles votives were such a great find!  I snagged them from Old Time Pottery here in Charlotte.  I've also seen them at Michael's.   We also plan to hang white string lights in this space, very excited for that!

 This porch swing is one of my favorite seats in the house - especially on warm Summer evenings!  Ideally i'd like a swing with cleaner and more modern lines.  More specifically I think a bamboo swing would be Awesome here.  However this swing is such a quality piece and comfortable too, I just can't bear to part with it.

While I'm loving the graphic black and white stripes in the new pillows.  I knew this space would need a fun pop of color too.  Enter this pretty little coral pillow I've had for a few years now.  

These neutral tan cushions actually aren't original with this Target outdoor furniture set.  I purchased them from Garden Winds.  Garden Winds sells replacement patio cushions for most outdoor patio furniture sets - including sets purchased from Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, JC Penney, Costco, Sam's and more.

Ahhh, and there's the back side of our brick colonial home.  Now for me, when it comes to outdoor design, one thing I love is fun and colorful outdoor spaces.  However sometimes it just makes sense to take a more neutral and sophisticated path.  

That's what I've done here.  We've got a classic brick home, with neutral outdoor furnishings, graphic black and white awning striped pillows...and even a traditional porch swing!  Now all we need is a nice cold pitcher of homemade lemonade ;)  

Happy Spring!

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April 22, 2015

Eclectic Wall Gallery...


Hey guys, I installed a Wall Gallery for a client yesterday and am so happy with the results! 

First of all, how beautiful is this family?  And they live just steps from Uptown Charlotte, very cool!.  I'm actually in the middle of an Interior Room Design in their open concept family room - dining room and everything is coming together nicely. 

When the entire space is 100 percent finished I'll share more photos.  For now though the new West Elm Club Chairs have arrived, the walls in this space are freshly painted in SW - Worldly Gray.  We've hung new art, and even accessorized their existing sideboard.  And in addition to the new wall gallery, I also brought over a new lamp for their family room yesterday.

Cityscape Wall Art - Overstock

Liza Lamp - Crate & Barrel

But today I wanted to share the deets on the new wall gallery...

When I design eclectic wall galleries I gather a mix of frames with both modern/clean lines and chunkier wood/rustic frames.  I also like to use plaques with the families last name initial.  Then I simply lay out my frames right on the floor, and then transfer that design straight up to the wall.  It's a creative process that I really enjoy.

I snapped these pictures above with my phone.  As you can see from this pic above, the gallery is almost complete.  Now with some frame gallery installations I measure so that each frame is hung, for example, exactly 2 inches apart from one another.  However eclectic galleries like this one look much better hung naturally and without measuring.

And here's the gallery finished above!  The thing I love about frame galleries is they add so much personality to a space.  And it's such a fun and creative way to celebrate your family!

And here's a quick picture of the entire room.  Check out the chandelier my clients chose.  They had actually described a fixture they'd seen at a friends house that they really liked and I helped them locate this one on Etsy.  It's a mason jar chandelier with a rustic wood base (not shown).  It's definitely a conversation starter and adds a fun vintage - industrial vibe to the space as it has a wood base that looks like reclaimed wood.

  At this point we're waiting on a leather sectional, coffee table, end table and a few more items.  We'll also change out the curtains with tall 95 inch panels.  Of course I will keep you posted and will post pictures of this entire space when everything is finished!  

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