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September 16, 2014

Design Round-up... Gold Finishes + Modern Design

A design element I am loving these days in Interior Design is simple n' chic Gold home accessories and finishes! And my reason is simple - a few well place gold accents can add luxurious style and a fun pop of Glam to any space!  But it's not just the gold accessories that bring a room to life. It's mixing gold elements with clean lines, contemporary furnishings and overall modern designs. So check out my round up of modern spaces with touches of GOLD...

Yes, this is how I love gold...with clean, modern and even contemporary designs!

So what do you guys think? Are you a fan of Gold in Interior Design or not so much. And if you do love gold, how do you incorporate it into your home's decor? So far I've used gold picture frames, gold framed wall art, smaller vases and accessories, a brushed gold reading lamp that I love, and even a few mirrors. I've also become quite addicted to gold spray paint ;)

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September 11, 2014

Re-purpose a dining room table into a desk...


Hi friends, I've been sitting here at my desk this afternoon doing some paperwork when it dawned on me, I don't think I've ever given you the deets on our home office desk.  Well as you can see from this photo it's big and it's modern with awesome clean lines.  But it's not really a desk.  It's actually a dining room table!

Yup, we scored this baby several years ago after an exhausting search for an "executive style desk" for our then living room turned home office.  But we couldn't find a quality wood desk for less then $2,000.  And believe me when I say that many were $3,000 or more and I just wasn't going to pay that much.

So I got creative and re purposed a $600 dining room table from World Market and used it as our desk (with the help of a few baskets and a hidden file cabinet for extra storage).  And guess what, we still love it!  Our whole family uses this space every day and this table is still rock solid.

So my advice when decorating a home on a budget is to think outside the design box.  Aside from saving money, you may be surprised to find something you love even more than a conventional choice.  I know we did.

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September 9, 2014

Design Crush

Hey guys, notice anything new around here?  We've got a new blog design and name!  And I think I like it.  I wanted a more modern blog design, and to simplify the business name.  So the Finding was dropped and voila...hopefully we've got Fabulous ;)

Okay today I thought I'd share my latest Design Crush!  Things I love and want.  Badly.  Incidentally all these finds were sourced from the Products tab on Houzz.  Yup, you heard it here, I am a Houzz addict ;)

I am loving gold lamps with black shades right now, so chic and dramatic!    And lately bold colors in fuchsia and turquoise have caught my eye.  Our office space desperately needs two new club chairs and a pair of these arm chairs above would be perfect!  Hello hubby are you reading this? Hint, hint ;)

Seriously though this greek key chandy above is to die for with it's subtle gold finish.  And this contemporary art work - well, I love that it's so bold, yet is still a neutral and could work in so many spaces.

Ahhh, a girl can dream right.  So what have you been crushing on lately?

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September 5, 2014

Instagram finally!

Hey guys guess what, I've finally added Instagram here to the blog!

I've actually had an account for years.  Lately though I've been feeling the need to be more creative.  And well, aside from my work as a Design Consultant, Instagram is one more place where I can simply share & be creative.

Beach love

Driving home to our 25th high school re-union

 Family vacay

Screened porch 

Our dog Bear enjoying HH Island for the first time 

Beautiful day at the ball park 

Pepper pesto pizza, and it's so easy! 

So let's follow one another!  I'm @fabulous_bydesign

Happy Friday!

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August 27, 2014

Diy Art!


Hey guys, today I thought I'd share my latest Diy project!  

I took an old and very dark abstract gallery wrapped canvas and gave it new life with simple primer and paint.  This picture before had colors in browns, reds and teals even.  But recently I've been giving our home a
full on re-fresh with cooler colors in silvery blues, creams, corals and gold for contrast.

For my first step I primed the canvas.  I used Zinsser and it worked great!

Next I mixed Martha Stewart's metallic gold craft paint with a little water.  Then I simply brushed the gold paint from left to right over the dried primer leaving white areas periodically.  I started with a paint brush first, then switched to paper towels for a more natural application.

Then it was time to break out some fresh color!  This pale turquoise paint was a $3 sample I had purchased a few months ago.  Again I mixed the paint with a little water.  But this time I used a damp paper towel to apply the paint using quick strokes from left to right.

Okay here it is finished!  Isn't it fun?  I love the watery mix of turquoise, white and gold!  And I also love how the lighter hues work with our new painted gray walls!

This room is a work in progress.  Literally we're re-decorating it one project at a time.  After all, it's primarily where our kids hang out!

Okay, I'm always on the lookout for fun ways to decorate our home without spending a ton of money - especially in our bonus room.  And this project is a great way to add fresh color, subtle pattern, and even a little chic shimmer to any space.

Ahhh, I love fun Diy Art Projects  you can literally finish in a few hours!

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August 25, 2014

Design Round-up - Sheer White Curtains Panels!


Hey guys, do you know what I absolutely love?  No fuss decorating.  Yup, as much as I love using color, pattern and texture to add interest to a space.  I also love finding simple solutions for making any home function well and look great!  

So today I'm featuring sheer white curtain panels.  Why - because they're super affordable and I love how they can soften a room in an instant!  Check out the Inspiration I found, all images courtesy of Houzz...

Ahhh, I LOVE the simplicity in these designs!

  And if you're lucky enough to have a beautiful view, then sheer panels are the perfect choice.  Okay it's official.  I am completely INSPIRED today and will be adding a few fabulous sheer white curtain panels to a room in our home!  I'll have the reveal soon, so be on the lookout for that.

So if you've been searching hi and low for window treatments but can't seem to find the perfect ones, and privacy isn't an issue - think about sheer panels, because in a well decorated space...

Less can be more!  

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August 19, 2014

Our Home Tour!


Hey guys, have you noticed anything different around here?  Yup, just above and next to the Featured section I've finally added our Home Tour! 

  Here's a sneak peek...

I can't believe how much our home has changed over the years.  To give you an idea our Family Room when we bought this home 8 years ago used to have thick wall to wall solid white carpeting, beige walls and a dark red brick fireplace, yikes!  

Okay go here for the entire tour, and WELCOME!

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