February 25, 2015

Rug Pad Corner - a Review!


Hi friends, today I'm Reviewing a rug pad from Rug Pad Corner! 

Now I know what your thinking...rug pads aren't exactly the most exciting thing in the world.  And I agree, until you find yourself in a situation where a rug you love has problems and a quality custom rug pad is the solution.

Back in January we purchased a new shag rug from World Market to add an overall lighter look to our family room and to incorporate some cleaner lines.  We also got a smoking hot deal on this rug thanks to World Markets awesome rewards program :)

However once we laid the rug down, we noticed it was thinner than other rugs we've had in the past and would slip around a bit when we walked on it.  This is not good.  And I new right then that we needed a quality rug pad to anchor this rug to our hardwoods, and to add thicker padding under the rug for comfort and stability.

That's when in a stroke of luck, Rug Pad Corner contacted me and they were kind enough to send over the perfect rug pad for our new rug.  But first they needed detailed information about our rug.  Like the size of the rug, the thickness as well as the rug's material.  And what surface the rug is laid on - in our case solid wood floors.

So from this information Rug Pad Corner custom designed the perfect rug pad.  They also custom cut the pad to be 1 inch smaller on all sides than the 8 x 10' size of the rug.  This is so the rug edges lay flat on the wood and aren't raised up on all four sides creating a tripping hazard.  Case in point here, Rug Pad Corner thought of everything so that our new rug pad functioned perfectly for our rug.

Check out the quality of this pad!  It's thick, durable and soft underfoot.  This is not the typical thin rug pads I often see at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Okay thanks to Rug Pad Corner and the custom rug pad they provided, our new rug feels thick and luxurious.  And the rug doesn't slip around anymore.

Okay with Rug Pad Corner, our rug problems are solved.  So if you've got a rug that needs stability, or even added thickness and comfort.  Check out Rug Pad Corner.  They simply know rugs and rug pads.  And can solve any rug dilemma!

Check em' out!  www.rugpadcorner.com

{this post is sponsored by Rug Pad Corner, however the opinions, photography and text are 100 percent mine}

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February 19, 2015

Vintage Modern - Family Room (Design Board)

Hey guys, I met with a new client a few weeks ago and am soooo excited for my latest project!  This young family lives literally within walking distance to uptown Charlotte in an adorable home built in the 80's that resembles a 1940's style bungalow!  Now we obviously want to update this home with modern and stylish decor, but still maintain the home's character and charm that is so evident in the surrounding area and neighborhood.

The clients already have a great start decorating their dining room with beautiful abstract art (in red-orange, brown and gray colors) a new dark wood dining room table and sideboard.  However they want a new chandelier for above this dining room table, and a whole new look for their adjoining family room.  
Vintage Modern - Family Room  (click pic to view larger)

This young couple has a few ideas of their own and I love that!  They want a family friendly leather sectional for its durability with their dog and adorable little one.  And they spotted a vintage style chandelier at a friends house that they really liked.  Ahhh, this chandelier alone got my wheels spinning ;)

So my goal was to create a family friendly space that is balanced, stylish and functional, that also visually ties both the dining room and family room together.  And to mix the vintage elements with the modern  & wouldn't you know mixing styles is my favorite thing!

I'm so excited to see this space evolve.  And I hope to have some great Before & After photos when it's all finished too.  In the meantime, while waiting on furniture delivery, I'll be shopping both on-line and locally for vases and accessories for their sideboard, a lamp, entry rug and mirror, and finally some frames and wall art for a fun wall gallery in the dining room!
Okay guys, I sourced this hand crafted chandelier on Etsy here.  Isn't it fun with it's vintage - industrial vibe!  And the clients chose it, not me.  I love decorating spaces for clients that reflect their personalities.  After all, a well designed space shouldn't just look good - like a page from a magazine.  I believe it should feel like HOME and most importantly feel like YOU!

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February 4, 2015

Mix it up with Bamboo Chairs!

Hi guys, I think I've found my new favorite furniture piece...bamboo chairs!  I don't know what it is, they just have the ability to mix up a room instantly with a fun eclectic look.  Check out these design inspirations all sourced from the one and only, Houzz...

Wow, I love this light and bright office space below.  I could seriously get used to working here everyday.  And the room can serve double duty as a dining area, love that!

Okay if you've grown tired of your dark wood and traditional dining space that looks the same today as it did 20 years ago, then this is your remedy below!  Add a fun color combination in the room like this teal blue and green, keep the dark table, but add Chippendale bamboo chairs in a contrasting cream.  Pinning for sure!

Transitional Dining Room by Milton Photographers Michael J. Lee Photography

Bamboo chairs in vibrant colors make great accent pieces.  They even make great office chairs and are really fun in the kitchen office too.

If your lucky enough to have a vacation home, bamboo furnishings are perfect in coastal spaces.  Since bamboo furniture originated in China and Britain, they instantly give a room a collected and well traveled look.

Another fun Chippendale accent chair!  love the blue and green color combination in this space.

DeBeach Style Family Room by Boston Interior Designers & corators Annsley Interiors

If you love color and aren't afraid of a good Diy project, then spray painting bamboo furniture is the perfect project.  And like this turquoise bamboo furniture below, the color options are endless.

Colorful or neutral bamboo chairs, it doesn't matter.  I very often see faux bamboo furniture pieces that are awesome!

Ahhh, another dark table with white chairs.  Love this fresh look!

Here they are in black.  This look is very sophisticated and chic.

Wow, how pretty are these light blue bamboo chairs below offering cool contrast to all the warm wood tones.

Okay it's official, I'm smitten!  And will be stalking Craigslist and a few of my favorite Antique and Thrift Stores in my area.  My home NEEDS a few of these.  And I'm also ready for a fun Diy project this Spring!

Okay so if your home's decor is a bit too matched up and falling flat.  Add a fun Eclectic vibe  and mix things up with bamboo furniture!

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January 30, 2015

Friday Five - A Design Challenge, Urban Art, a Styled Coffee Table & More!


Hey guys, it's time for our weekly round up!  This week actually wasn't as busy as last week.  Thank goodness because a girl needs some down time every now and again ;)  I actually did meet with a client literally within walking distance from Uptown Charlotte this week.   And I'm so excited because we're doing an Interior Room Design in a chic - Urban style! 

Okay now onto my weekly design adventures... I participated in a Design Challenge this week hosted by Chairish - I love this site!  The rules were to create a colorful Design Board around two of their vintage chairs.  If you missed my board click here.

Image:  Chairish

Here's the artwork we'll be using for the Urban Design Project I mentioned above.  When I asked my client about the type of artwork she likes she mentioned "cityscapes".  Then later while sourcing art, I saw this abstract cityscape below and knew it was the one!  And it's affordable at less than $300, it's perfect!
 photo d91cde06-228b-4191-8c8d-d40194b29388.jpg

Have your guys been to Hobby Lobby Lately?  I went there the other day to return a few items, and these lovelies below stopped me in my tracks!  If you've been looking for a fun way to add a little gold into your home's decor (without breaking the bank) these are great finds!  And they're half off right now at just $20 each!

I styled our coffee table this week.  I used stacked books and magazines, the deer antlers my hubby gave me for Christmas - love him!   A brass tray and my favorite piece, this blue/green iridescent dish I found at a discount store for less than $15.  Loving the overall layered and collected look!

And finally have you ever come across a great deal, be it clothing or home accessories/furnishings and regretted not buying them?  Well that's exactly what happened to me this week while shopping at Home Goods.  I came across these beauties below and passed them up. Seriously, they are upholstered in the prettiest gray linen and priced at just $89 each.  What was I thinking!!  #regret

Okay guys that's my Friday Five and weekly round-up!  I'm loving this new Friday feature by the way.  Have a great week-end!

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January 28, 2015

Chairish Design Challenge!


Hey guys, today I'm participating in a fun Design Challenge hosted by the one and only...Chairish!

 Now if you're new to this site let me fill you in.  At Chairish you can buy and sell vintage furniture, decor, jewelry and accessories on-line.  Their shop exclusively features curator-approved treasures in a full-service and trustworthy environment.  Here's a glimpse of what they offer...

Wow, l love these finds and am definitely feeling the vintage vibe.  So I was so excited when the cool people at Chairish invited me to create a Colorful Room Design around a few of their vintage chairs! I chose the Mid Century Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair I think Mid Century Modern and retro designs are so fun!  And here's my design board...

 Okay so if you're looking to add personality and character to your home's decor, bookmark Chairish!  They have vintage pieces that are simply one of a kind, so you can easily add a collected and Eclectic vibe to any space.

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January 23, 2015

Friday Five - Shopping, a Review, an Award & More!


Hey guys, how was your week?  I can't believe its Friday already!  I know, I say that every week.  Does anyone else feel time slipping away faster and faster as we get older?  Well I have been super busy sourcing, shopping and helping a few clients with their Decorating needs this week.  Here's the scoop...

Have you seen Pottery Barn's throw pillows lately... I am in LOVE!  This week I picked up a few navy pillows for a client's distressed brown leather sofa that we scored shopping together on consignment.  While there I also purchased some baskets that were on sale.

On Tuesday I posted a Review of Nadeau Furniture here in Charlotte, and wow, I love this place!  They simply have Awesome imported furniture at great prices.  I can't stop thinking about this zinc topped kitchen table and upholstered chairs!  If you missed it click here for the Review.

 photo 9bcedf40-ea89-4eef-b8d5-ec4193f59e99.jpg

Have you guys been to At Home yet?  If not you need to check em' out!  This store is the new and re-branded Garden Ridge.  Now At Home is still very similar to Garden Ridge.  However they have majorly improved their home decor, furnishings and accessories.

I was really impressed with their rugs.  This one above would look great in an eclectic space with modern sofas, brass lamps and a few poufs.  I seriously want to create a Design Board around this rug!

I had a fun Design Consultation & Delivery Day for a client this week.  I brought over several vases, picture frames, baskets, and a chic chinoiserie dish that I seriously wanted to keep for myself ;)  While there I even hung a few wall galleries.  This is one above, aren't these family photos beautiful? 

And finally, I'm so excited because my local Decorating Business was awarded another BEST OF HOUZZ award in their Services category for the second year in a row!  I really feel blessed to have a job that I LOVE.  And where I can still be a full time Mom to the most important people in my life...my kids!

Okay guys that's my Friday Five for the week, have a great week-end!

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January 20, 2015

Nadeau Charlotte - awesome imported furniture!

Hey guys, I recently discovered an unbelievable Furniture Store right here in Charlotte!  Actually they have over 20 locations across the US.  It's Nadeau and their tag line is - furniture with a soul.  And after shopping there the other day, I couldn't agree more!  Nadeau's furniture has loads of character and charm and is imported from all over the world.  The owner believes that beautiful furniture should be attainable by everyone, Yes!

Shopping here really is like a treasure hunt, just check out their huge inventory!

See this big beautiful dining room table below that seats 8?  You won't believe the price, it's just $500!  And the chairs I believe were less than $200 each.  Amazing.

They have unbelievable prices period.  And you never know what you'll find!  It's almost like a high end flea market where you don't have to spend all day shopping.

These are fun nightstands below, I could see them in a cozy bungalow or beach house!

Need a chic eat-in kitchen table?  Here's a zinc table top for $809.  And I am loving these tufted upholstered chairs.

And you'll find colorful painted furniture pieces too.  This blue beauty below would make a great TV console or even entry table.

Okay guys if you've been looking for a new way to shop for furniture, then Nadeau is the place!   You'll find quality, one of a kind furnishings that are both stylish and affordable.  Okay  Nadeaunow you know!  Click here for a complete list of locations across the US.  You'll also find the address and directions to the Charlotte location.

{this post is sponsored by Nadeau, however the opinions, photography and text are 100 percent mine}

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