July 24, 2015

Pendant Light Love!


I sourced a few mini pendant light options for a friend and client this morning and thought I'd share!  I know when it comes to updating lighting, things can get expensive quick!  And lately instead of 3 pendant lights above a kitchen island, I've been seeing two large pendants.  And I absolutely LOVE the look!  

But not the price because removing 3 lights and centering two new lights above a kitchen island, for most people, requires an electrician and suddenly this project just got really expensive!  So I say save your money and simply switch out those 3 dated pendant lights with fabulous new lights.  And there are some fun new style options available today in modern, vintage and industrial styles.  Here are a few favorites that caught my eye...

Brushed Nickel Emery Light - lighting direct.com   $169

ORB Urban Renewel - lightingdirect.com   $88

Castle Apothecary Pendant - Pottery Barn   $79

Antique Saddle Galeana Pendant Light - lightingdirect.com   $143

Single Light Mini Pendant w/ fabric drum shade - lighting direct.com   $44

Paxton Glass Single Pendants - Pottery Barn   $99

Okay so if your pendant lights are looking tired and dated, think about switching them out.  With these stylish lights your kitchen can have a fresh new look -  without breaking the bank!

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July 1, 2015

Fabulous Houseplants - Ferns!


Hey guys!  Today I'm sharing several inspiration photos with one of my all time favorite plants...ferns!  We use potted ferns to flank two separate entrances of our home - the side and back entrance to our screened porch and really love this shade loving plant.

However these photos below feature ferns used inside the home.  Yes they make great houseplants so bring them inside and watch your space come to life!

  All photos sourced from my favorite on-line design rescource...Houzz.

Ferns thrive inside because they love shade and don't do well in direct sunlight.

These ferns above look Amazing in this large mid century modern brick planter.  They really make a statement in this minimally decorated space.

This large fern above brings the outside in and adds softness to the clean, mid century modern lines in this kitchen.

This type fern above is called a Maidenhair.  I've read they can be difficult to maintain but love warm and humid environments, so they are perfect in bathrooms.

I love this idea!  If you have a fireplace that doesn't work or isn't used.  Place a potted fern directly in front.

This is pretty for an entryway.  Place a fern on the edge of a bench or table.  I love simple decorating ideas like this!

Ahhh, another Maidenhair fern!  I love their soft and delicate foliage.

Finally, ferns make great vase filler!  For an affordable decorating idea skip the expensive store bought flowers and use fern clippings from your yard.  I love this look above!  Okay guys, ferns...they're not just for outside the home.  Bring them inside because in the right spot, they make excellent houseplants!

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June 19, 2015

Add Curb Appeal w/ a Front Door Refresh!


Hey guys, wow the first weeks of Summer are flying by!  Between my son's travel baseball and my daughter's diving team...we've been non stop.

Well I'm very excited to be a contributor for another article in the Charlotte Observer tomorrow in their Home Design section!  And the subject is - Front Door Curb Appeal!  So today I thought I'd share our front door refresh!

The easiest way to make a front entrance more welcoming is by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint.  Thankfully our black painted door cleaned up nice so that will be another project for another year ;)

I did however plant new plants in our urns.  I used sweet potato vine and red petunias.  However this vine grows so fast, it's taken over and now the flowers are hardly visible.  What I need are colorful flowers that are tall and that will be visible above the vine -  so this week-end I'm on the hunt for those.

A few months ago we added new carriage style lights to our brick colonial home (in three separate entrances) and are loving this classic look.

I also hung a very large American flag by our front door.  I like how the large scale of the flag adds balance and proportion to our tall portico.  And of course I love supporting our Troops!  #USA #Proud

Because flags and door mats fade over time, to save money I usually purchase these at either Lowe's or even Target and switch them out every year or two.  So with just a few new outdoor accessories our front entrance is now warm and welcoming for our family, friends and neighbors! 

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June 3, 2015

Minted - Art, Wall Galleries & More!


Hey guys, today I'm sharing one of my favorite on-line resources for fabulous art prints and more.  Minted is a design marketplace that sources great artists worldwide.  They sell truly one of a kind art, home decor and stationary.  Upon visiting their site, I fell in LOVE with their art prints.  Check em out...
untitled 1 by Melanie, see more Minted.com
untitled 1 board by Melanie. See more Minted.com

I love this wall gallery above!  The soft blue/green pastel colors are so soothing.  And word art is so fun and inspiring.

This framed neutral art above would coordinate with any home decor style.  And with Minted you can choose to have your prints framed when you purchase, or you can frame them yourself!
untitled 1 by Meagan, see more Minted.com
untitled 1 board by Meagan. See more Minted.com

Here's an artsy wall gallery above.  I love the black and white art prints, as well as the photography prints.  I could see this in a chic urban loft or apartment in the city.
untitled 4 by Laura, see more art prints
untitled 4 board by Laura. See more art prints

Ahhh, more soft colors above in what looks to be an abstract piece on the left, and a watercolor nature scene on the right.  A huge selection of their prints are printed in limited edition quantities all from real artists.  I love that!Living area by Lohmann, see more Minted wall art
Living area board by Lohmann. See more Minted wall art

And here's a more natural and organic wall gallery above.  With Minted, finding art you love is easy.  You can hang a gallery like this one above or just hang one print!  

I'm so excited because in a few weeks, I'll be doing a fun Review with Minted.  And I chose the African Gazelle print.  Now I won't be using this guy in a gallery.  But rather I plan to lean him on a shelf against the wall next to an old framed map in our mud room.  I'll share the deets when he's up, can't wait!

Okay guys, if your home's decor could use a fresh and modern update.  Check out Minted.  They simply have Awesome art prints, home decor and more!

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May 19, 2015

Favorite House Plant - Orchids!


Hey guys, guess what - I have a new favorite house plant!  It's the always exotic & beautiful orchid.  I've actually never bought them before because I've heard they can be difficult to maintain and I do not have a green thumb.  Well so far so good, because the orchid that I picked up from Home Depot a few weeks ago is alive and well ;)  Time will tell but so far it's been very easy to maintain.  Per the helpful Garden Center employee, I was told to lay two ice cubes below the leaves in the pot once per week.  Now that I can do!!

Okay I am fully aware that this is not the watering method most orchid enthusiasts recommend.  However, I was told they can live for years like this so I'm giving it a shot!  I figure if it dies, I can always buy another and water it the conventional way.

Here's my new orchid below...

Today I thought it would be fun to share more pictures and inspirations of my new found love for orchids.  All images sourced from my favorite place for Design Inspiration...Houzz!    

Ahhh, I am in LOVE with this flowering plant and for so many reasons.  I love colorful orchids because they add a fun pop of color to any space.  And the white ones look great either in monochromatic spaces, or they contrast nicely against dark painted walls.  Orchids make perfect dining room centerpieces and look beautiful in entryways or even bathrooms. They are so versatile...you can put them almost anywhere in your home!  

Just remember to put them in areas that have plenty of light (not direct).   Also do not water them too much, as this will lead to root rot.  Interesting but orchids in nature don't grow in soil.  But rather they grow on other objects, like bark or stone for example.  

Okay for even more great info on how to successfully maintain orchids click here.

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