April 16, 2015

We're in the Charlotte Observer!


Hey guys, I'm so excited!!  Our screened porch and one other client photo was featured in the Charlotte Observer's - Home Design section on Saturday!  I was a contributor for an article on Furniture Arrangement, and have to say I had so much fun sharing my tips and tricks for creating a beautiful, balanced and functional home!

And two other local Interior Designers contributed as well.  Yes, lots of great info on the art of arranging furniture.  Okay click here to see the entire article!

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April 13, 2015

Spring Instagram Photos!


Hey guys, wow it's been a few weeks since I've posted here, so I thought I'd pop in to share what I've been up to with a few recent Instagram photos.  I actually just joined IG several months ago and really love taking and sharing photos.  For me it feeds my creative soul!  In fact, I don't know why I waited so long to join.  If you do Instagram, let's follow one another! 

For Spring break we just visited one of my favorite places - Hilton Head and had a blast staying in a beach side villa with three wonderful families!  This pic above is of my daughter kayaking in the sound that divides HH from Daufuskie Island.

Okay I have a thing for driftwood and was swooning over this piece in HH!  I love that it's wood that is weathered and distressed by the sea.  And it has a sculptural, almost modern look.  Yes, I love me some driftwood!

And on the home front our Awning Striped Pillows from Pottery Barn finally arrived and the screened porch is officially ready for Spring!  Very excited to get outside and enjoy this space.

How stinkin' cute are these candle votives!  I snagged these cuties at Old Time Pottery for less than $20 each and they are big too!  I've also seen very similar ones at Michael's.  A little sand and white candles, and these will be great coffee table accessories for our screened porch.

Ahhh, and don't you just love a last minute Diy project that you didn't see coming?  Well the hubby and I looked at our deck earlier this Spring and realized the deck boards weren't looking so good.  So we ripped out the old and put down new - with the help of a wonderful neighbor, friend and handyman.  So far it's looking good.  We plan to stain it a dark brown which will flow nicely with our dark wood floors inside the house.  I'll keep you posted with the progress :)

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March 26, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect - Driftwood!


Hey guys, okay I've said this before...I absolutely love using nature in home decor and design!  And driftwood is one of my favorites.  I love the fact that it's wood that is weathered by the Sea and moving water, as well as it's modern - sculptural shape.

So let's swoon shall we?  All images sourced from Houzz...

I love this driftwood coffee table above, as well as the soft blue green colors in this space!

Wow, what a great centerpiece idea!  Here driftwood sticks fill this large bowl.

This large driftwood branch above serves as an art sculpture for this accent wall.

Here's an interesting way to use driftwood - in a mudroom or entry.

Ahhh, another driftwood round table with a glass top.  This is a great idea for a beach or lake house.

Wow, pieces of driftwood are incorporated into this stacked stone fireplace!

Here driftwood along with a candle hurricane are used as a fun coffee table accessories.  I also love the coral colors in this space.

Here's a minimal space where a hunk of driftwood functions as part of the chandelier, very cool!

I absolutely love this stunning driftwood mirror above, as well as the plantation style cabinetry!

And finally above this fireplace we've got a driftwood sunburst mirror, how fun!

So think all natural driftwood the next time your on the hunt for some fun home accessories and furnishings!  Driftwood is light and airy, with a sculptural - almost modern feel that mixes well with many decorating styles.  And my favorite part about driftwood, is how the imperfections in the wood add to the charm and character of each piece.

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March 18, 2015

A Screened Porch Refresh {plans}


Hey guys, well all I can say is...Ahhhh!!!  Because I've been steadily busy with my Decorating Business, I've only been able to blog once - maybe twice a week and you know what - I really love slow blogging!  It's nice to blog when I want and when Inspiration hits.

Well Spring is here and we're ready to get outside!  However, our screened porch has been feeling a little dull lately and I'm thinking it's time for a mini re-fresh.  Not a big one, just a few well chosen accessories for a fresher and more updated feel.  And here's what got my wheels spinning the other day ;)  This picture below from Pottery Barn...

Yes, these Awning Striped pillows from Pottery Barn in black are sure to add classic style to this neutral space.   Here are a few pictures of our screened porch now...

When I decorated this space a few years ago, I wanted a neutral and calm getaway.  Just a quiet place to relax and watch our kids and dogs play in our 1/2 acre wooded back yard.  And I loved it at first, in fact I still love it!

But now I'm craving a little color as well as a classic design element and these striped pillows are sure to make a big impact without spending a lot of money.   I also think they'll add a more sophisticated look to our brick colonial home. 

Awning Striped Pillow - Pottery Barn

Nautilus Outdoor Pillows - Ballard Designs

Okay the pillows are ordered and I've placed a few new accessories on the garden rack behind the sofa.  I'll also be adding a few more potted plants.  Yay for Spring and the warmer weather!  

I'll be back in a week or two with After pictures.  I love changing the look of a space with simple throw pillows and a few well chosen accessories.  In fact, mini makeovers like this are one of my favorite things!

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March 10, 2015

Fab 4 Less - Kirkland's


Okay guys who loves Kirkland's?  I sure do!!  

Which is why I was so excited when the nice people at Kirkland's asked me to write a blog post about their home decor.  So I visited their website, and was totally INSPIRED and created a Design Board around my favs.  Check it out...

1.  Flynn Beige Tufted Sofa   $999
7.  Navy Vanness Pillow   $19.99
8.  Tan Diamond Velvet Pillow   $19.99

Wow, I am in LOVE with this neutral tufted sofa above!  Wouldn't this be pretty in a living room or sitting area?  Now I'm not usually a fan of faux flowers.  However I'm totally digging these faux peonies with their black and white striped pots.   And these throw blankets above look like they're from Pottery Barn -  for about half the price I might add.

One thing I love about Kirkland's is they have a great selection of 96 inch curtain panels at amazing prices, and this orange geometric pattern above is so fun!  And check out this chic-ola mid century modern glass table lamp - love the sleek design and gold finish.  And speaking of gold, this gold matte sphere above is so cool!  Sphere's are great accessories for coffee and end tables.  And finally I'm saving the best for last - the throw pillows!  I love pillows because they can re-fresh a room instantly.  I also love mixing patterns because it's the easiest way to add texture and style to any space.

Okay guys have you been to Kirkland's lately?  If not you need to go!  They've totally stepped up their home decor.  You'll find stylish and updated home furnishings and accessories that are without a doubt -  Fabulous - for less!

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March 2, 2015

Roof Top Deck Dreamin'


Hey guys, okay it's official - It happens every year at around this time, I've got the Winter blues.  It has been too cold and even worse too rainy here in Charlotte and I am ready for warmer temps and a little sunshine would be nice.  We actually saw the sun today for a brief couple of hours.  However, the forecast for the week is looking bleak again with more rain, ugh!

So today I thought it would be fun to daydream a little.  Let's get inspired by some fabulous rooftop decks shall we?  Because you never know - if you've got kids and live in the suburbs like we do, it's entirely possible that one day when the kids leave the nest, we can retire in a fabulous urban apartment or loft right?  Absolutely ;)  #neversaynever

Okay let's dream!  All photos sourced from my fav - Houzz...

I love the comfortable outdoor furniture used in this space above.  And how the wall of windows brings the outdoors IN.

Providing shade on a roof top deck is a must!  I'm sure this large umbrella keeps this space cool and comfortable.

Okay one key element every roof top deck needs is container gardens and plants!

I love how the container gardens in this outdoor space above separate the dining area from the sitting area.

This large outdoor sectional provides maximum seating for all the fabulous parties I'm sure they have here ;)

Here's a pretty spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or read the paper on a beautiful morning.

Wow, check out that city view.  This roof top deck is Amazing!

And with stunning plants and container gardens like these, a roof top terrace can be a calming retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.  So there it is.  A little Roof Top Deck dreaming and I can feel my Winter Blues fading.

Okay hang on guys, because Spring is just around the corner!

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February 25, 2015

Rug Pad Corner - a Review!


Hi friends, today I'm Reviewing a rug pad from Rug Pad Corner! 

Now I know what your thinking...rug pads aren't exactly the most exciting thing in the world.  And I agree, until you find yourself in a situation where a rug you love has problems and a quality custom rug pad is the solution.

Back in January we purchased a new shag rug from World Market to add an overall lighter look to our family room and to incorporate some cleaner lines.  We also got a smoking hot deal on this rug thanks to World Markets awesome rewards program :)

However once we laid the rug down, we noticed it was thinner than other rugs we've had in the past and would slip around a bit when we walked on it.  This is not good.  And I new right then that we needed a quality rug pad to anchor this rug to our hardwoods, and to add thicker padding under the rug for comfort and stability.

That's when in a stroke of luck, Rug Pad Corner contacted me and they were kind enough to send over the perfect rug pad for our new rug.  But first they needed detailed information about our rug.  Like the size of the rug, the thickness as well as the rug's material.  And what surface the rug is laid on - in our case solid wood floors.

So from this information Rug Pad Corner custom designed the perfect rug pad.  They also custom cut the pad to be 1 inch smaller on all sides than the 8 x 10' size of the rug.  This is so the rug edges lay flat on the wood and aren't raised up on all four sides creating a tripping hazard.  Case in point here, Rug Pad Corner thought of everything so that our new rug pad functioned perfectly for our rug.

Check out the quality of this pad!  It's thick, durable and soft underfoot.  This is not the typical thin rug pads I often see at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Okay thanks to Rug Pad Corner and the custom rug pad they provided, our new rug feels thick and luxurious.  And the rug doesn't slip around anymore.

 If you've got a rug that needs stability, or even added thickness and comfort.  Check out Rug Pad Corner.  They simply know rugs and rug pads.  And can solve any rug dilemma!

Check em' out!  www.rugpadcorner.com

{this post is sponsored by Rug Pad Corner, however the opinions, photography and text are 100 percent mine}

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