November 28, 2012

Fabulous 4 Less...Holiday Decor!


Hey guys,  are you ready to get your Holiday decorating ON?  I'm sure many of you have already put up your Christmas and Holiday decorations.  I however will be tackling this task in the next few days.  What can I say...I'm never the early bird.  

Every year I do like to add one or two pieces to my collection.  So here are some Holiday decorations that I've got my eye on, and that won't break the bank...
Ombre Ornament - Pier One $8.95

Velvet Stockings - West Elm $19.00

Ceramic Stag Head - Target $22.00

Jeweled Ornament Wreath - Pier One $39.00

Wow, this deer head above is certainly modern.  But I have to say I'm much more of a traditional gal for the Holidays.  And this Noel sign above has a fun Industrial vibe.

Okay guys, what Holiday style do you gravitate towards? 

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  1. Replies
    1. Mee too, and deers are so popular right now...perfect for the Holidays!

  2. I'm a mixer - pretty eclectic, though I gravitate towards a Coca-Cola-type Santa. I'm not into those stick-skinny santa-types!

    My tree used to be dark blue, silver & white, but I'm mixing in some fun vintage ornaments of my grandmother's this year, and some bright funky colors to pop things a bit.

    I just love mixing cottagey-country with funky-vintage/modern to get "MY" look :)

  3. Julie I'm an eclectic gal too! Love mixing styles because the look is never flat. And mixing pieces helps save money because I can use my old pieces with the new.


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